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Little Protectors

Little Protectors is a smaller and more light hearted take on the whole Protector series, gameplay has been streamlined to remove a lot of the annoyances some players experienced with Protector’s advanced systems. More of a classic pick up and play Tower Defense game.\r\nAlso includes several new ideas and strategies that expand on the gameplay in a streamlined way.\r\nResource Gathering – The player must gather resources during gameplay, creating a choice between attacking incoming enemies or harvesting needed materials to grow stronger.\r\nNo leveling/Upgrade system – Units don’t level up, instead the player can improve units by equipping various pieces of equipment.\r\nEquipment – Items are crafted by the player during gameplay to improve the unit and also looted from slain monsters.\r\nContent – The game contains a total of 14 levels but also includes 4 different types of special gameplay mode for each. Earning the player new goodies each time one is completed.\r\nMagic – The player has magic spells at their disposal which can be triggered at any point provided they have gained the needed mana.\r\nTargetting options – Long missing from the Protector series, every unit now has an array of targetting options, attacking the first, strongest or fastest enemies and much more.


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